Here we will cover planting and looking after your new plants.
You will receive your plants in protective ziplock bags.

Gently remove your plants from their bags and place them onto a towel or waterproof surface. 


For stem plants:

Separate your plants into small clusters or individual stems.

Using tweezers or your fingers, push the roots and base of each stem into your chosen substrate.

Stem plants will naturally form new roots and grow into their new environment.

For mosses and epiphyte plants:
Separate your plants into appropriate portions.

Attach your plant to a surface, a rock, some wood or an ornament.
You can do this is a few different methods including; tying with cotton thread or fishing wire, weighing the plant down, glueing with a cyanoacrylate based glue or simply threading the roots or moss through suitable anchor points in your tank.

For carpeting plants:

Separate your plants into many small clusters.

Aim to make an even grid across your planting zone, push your small plant clusters into the substrate roots first. 

Using many small clusters of plants will help the carpet to spread and fill out quickly.


For floating plants:

Floating plants are ready to be released into your aquarium, put them in the top of your aquarium and they are good to go.