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Eleocharis montevidensis

Eleocharis montevidensis

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🌱 Eleocharis montevidensis

This American Eleocharis has a fresh grass green colour and grows to be 20-40cm high. It is basic and low maintenance. Each straw is only few millimeters thick and the plant maintains an open form of growth. It is suitable as a background plant, and can further be planted in front and in the centre of the aquarium, in transparent wads, in order to create depth and perspective. The plant spreads through runners, which occasionally have to be trimmed and maybe planted elsewhere.

🌱 Plant Info
🌱 Type: Stolon
🌱 Origin: North America
🌱 Growth Rate: Medium
🌱 Max Max Height: 20-30+
🌱 Light Demand: Low
🌱 Co2: Low

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