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Nomaphila Siamensis - Aquadip

Nomaphila Siamensis - Aquadip

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🌱 Nomaphila Siamensis

Nomaphila Siamensis also known as Asian Marshweed or Dwarf Marshweed, is an attractive aquatic plant. It is easy to care for and can thrive in various lighting and water conditions. It adds great color and texture to aquariums.

🌱 Plant Info
🌱 Origin: South East Asia
🌱 Growth Rate: Medium
🌱 Demands: Easy
🌱 Light Demand: Medium
🌱 Position: Midground/Background

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Please note, these plants when grown in the open may develop tiny, solid tissue growths called "pustules" on the top and lower leaf surfaces. These are entirely safe and unaffected by illness or pest infestation. These marks won't show up on newly grown submerged leaves.

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