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Ancol Collar Soho Dalmatian Medium

Ancol Collar Soho Dalmatian Medium

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Ancol Collar Soho Dalmatian Medium

100% recycled fabric in a contemporary Dalmatian design.
Ideal in all weather
Offered in three sizes: 1-2 Small (20–30 cm), 2–5 Medium (30–50 cm), and 5–9 Large (45–70 cm).
Using recycled materials, the Soho Pet Collection line of items includes eco-friendly collars, leashes, toys, bandanas, poop bag dispensers and scrunchies.
Three plastic bottles have been kept out of the landfill with this collar.
We're dedicated to using recyclable and recycled packaging and minimising our own packing. This item comes in packaging that uses less plastic and can be recycled extensively.

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