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Snuffle and Swim

Betta Aquarium Plant Pack

Betta Aquarium Plant Pack

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🌱 Snuffle and Swim Betta / Siamese Fighter Plant Pack

🌱 This pack Contains High-Quality Potted Plants from Europes Leading Growers Including Tropica & Aquadip + More

🌱 This Pack contains majoritively easy and medium care plants perfectly suited for Bettas.

🌱 Perfect for Aquarists who like surprises.

Some plants that can be included are:

🌱 Lobelia Cardinalis
🌱 Hygrophila Siamensis 53B
🌱 Java Fern
🌱 Java Moss
🌱 Coontail
🌱 Elodea Densa
🌱 Amazon Swords + Many More

This Pack is filled with plants that we know Bettas love. Great to make the perfect environment for your Betta.
The plants in this pack will vary from week to week but the principles of the plants will be the same.

Small - 4 Potted Plants Suitable for Tanks of around 25/30 Litres
Medium - 7 Potted Plants Suitable for Tanks of around 40/60 Litres
Large - 18 Potted Plants for Tanks around 100/120 Litres
X-Large - 32 Potted Plants for Tanks around 200/240Litres
XX-Large - 62 Potted Plants for Tanks around 400/480 Litres
Mega - 240 Potted Plants for Tanks of around 1000 Litres

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🗒️ : All packs are unique and can contain any type and size of plant but all plants will be potted plants. Where possible we try to include plants for all parts of the aquarium foreground, midground, and background but this is not always a possibility due to what plants are currently stocked.

Enjoy your pack!

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