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Burns Adult Small Toy Breed Chicken and Rice Food 2kg

Burns Adult Small Toy Breed Chicken and Rice Food 2kg

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Burns Adult Small Toy Breed Food 2kg

This diet is an adaptation of Burns Original Chicken, a best-seller and the preferred brand of food for many dogs across the nation. The nutritional requirements of toy and small breed dogs have been taken into consideration while creating this variation. a dog with a nutritious diet. Because they only need to eat a minimal quantity to receive the nutrients they require, Burns diets are highly digested, which works very well for their stomachs and doesn't overload their systems. Smaller mouths will benefit greatly from the tiny kibble size.

Product Advantages:

It was created by veterinarian John Burns and is a natural, balanced meal that is especially intended for tiny dogs.
High digestibility, hypoallergenicity, and suitability for sensitive dogs. Healthy skin and hair.

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