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Dengie Alfa-A Lite 20kg

Dengie Alfa-A Lite 20kg

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Dengie Alfa-A Lite 20kg
For horses and ponies who are able to hold their weight with ease while working, Dengie Alfa-A Lite is a great option. It comprises pure alfalfa with a little molasses covering.

High-fiber feed like Dengie Alfa-A Lite is made for working horses and ponies whose diets don't require a lot of starch. For flavour, aroma, and an enhanced nutritional profile, a mild dressing of spearmint oil and molasses is added to pure alfalfa. The combination also contains calcium, which gives horses a mineral that is typically left as an additional supplement. Since calcium is necessary for good tissue growth, it is beneficial for breeding and young stock.
  • Low starch makes it suitable for a wide range of horses
  • Rich in calcium so is suitable for breeding & young stock
  • Spearmint oil & a light molasses coating finish the mix

Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy 9 MJ/kg, Protein 12%, Oil 2.5%, Ash (mineral) 10%, Fibre 27%, Sugar 8% & Starch 2%


Alfalfa, molasses & spearmint oil

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