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Dengie Alfa-Beet 20kg

Dengie Alfa-Beet 20kg

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Dengie Alfa-Beet 20kg
Dengie Alfa-Beet is an unmolassed conditioning feed with low sugar content.

Dengie Alfa-Beet has a concentration of fibre that gives horses slow-release energy through highly digestible fibres. Because of this, it can help horses acquire weight without making them act out. Because a higher protein diet is necessary to help maintain their health and sustain strength around various important regions, this formula is especially helpful for older horses and ponies. A wide variety of horses can be fed this low sugar, low starch conditioning feed, but good doers who need to gain condition without excessive starch should benefit most from it.
  • Approved by the laminitis trust
  • Gain weight without fizzy behaviour
  • Slow release energy for all day strength

Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy 10.5 MJ/kg, Protein 14%, Oil 3%, Ash (mineral) 10%, Fibre 32%, Sugar 5% & Starch 2%


Alfalfa, Unmolassed sugar beet

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