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Good Boy

Good Boy Chewy Venison Steak 80g

Good Boy Chewy Venison Steak 80g

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Good Boy Chewy Venison Steak 80g

These Chewy Twists with Venison will quickly become one of your dog's favourite treats since they are crafted with incredibly delicious, all-natural Venison meat.

In addition to being delicious, they are also packed lovingly in a convenient, resealable bag and are full of natural goodness;

Made with only 3% fat and 100% natural human-grade venison meat.
Naturally high in protein and gluten, wheat, and cereal free, with no artificial additions, tastes, colours, preservatives, or sweeteners;
Great treat for dogs of all sizes, delicately cooked to perfection to retain the venison's natural flavours.

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