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Good Boy

Good Boy Chompers Toothbrush Small 60g

Good Boy Chompers Toothbrush Small 60g

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Good Boy Chompers Toothbrush Small 60g

It's crucial that we take care of our dog's teeth as well since we know how vital it is to take regular care of our own teeth. 

Chews with specially crafted ridges to massage the gum line and naturally air dried surfaces to produce a mildly abrasive texture to aid with tartar and plaque removal.

ideal for everyday usage, start each day with our Vet Approved, low fat Chompers Dental Toothbrush to establish a solid routine.

An all-natural plant-based formulation with a touch of parsley and mint to aid with foul breath.
No synthetic flavours, colours, or preservatives.
Low-fat and meat free

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