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NAW Buffalo

NAW Buffalo Ears 4 Pack

NAW Buffalo Ears 4 Pack

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NAW Buffalo Ears 4 Pack

With a tug on our Buffalo lug, break up the boredem. NAW genuine Buffalo Ears are a terrific cut for your mutt and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart. The genuine article is unbeatable. The ideal all-natural, high-protein, and high-value treat for your dog is one of our buffalo ears.

These delectable nibbles, which are derived from hormone-free, free-range buffalo, are a leaner, better-for-you substitute for pig or beef.

These delightful chews assist good oral hygiene and promote mental stimulation in addition to being high in Omega 3 to support heart health. They also include no additives or preservatives.

suitable for dogs older than three months.

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