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Nt Medikoi Staple 6mm 1.75Kg

Nt Medikoi Staple 6mm 1.75Kg

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• Highly Digestible
• Perfect for Every Day Feeding
• May be used as second food with Medikoi Health in regime feeding
• Highly Digestible Complete Diet for all pond fish
• Perfect for everyday feeding for colour enhancement or in use with Health as regime for maximum Health and Colour
• Minimum Waste maximum Vitamin and Mineral enrichment

Contains Nutri-Lock which ensures Medikoi Staple is very stable and prevents nutrient leaching when in water & will not colour water in daily use

Junior pellet 3mm ideal for general Pond feeding

Key ingredient Spirulina well documented colour enhancer used by Japanese breeders for many years will promote intensity and full colour definition.
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