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Seachem De Nitrate 250Ml

Seachem De Nitrate 250Ml

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Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics
High porosity biological media
Pore size well suited for anaerobic bacteria
No danger of hydrogen sulfide production as with sulfur based media
Seachem De Nitrate helps to remove the Nitrates , Nitrites , Ammonia and organics from your aquarium .

Seachem De Nitrate is a very economical , natural, porous material with a geometry that promotes aerobic nitrification on the first few mm of depth and then anaerobic denitrification at the core ( low oxygen level bacteria , this allows the bacteria to consume the nitrate out of the water column which aids nitrate reduction - must be used at under 200 litres per hour ) . Aerobic bacteria grows in water flow over 200 litres per hour , anaerobic grows in water flow under 200 litres per hour . If you are wanting to reduce nitrates and ammonia in an aquarium with a flow rate of >200l/hour please use Seachem Matrix

Seachem De Nitrate has a really high surface area which allows bacteria to grow in a low oxygen level of water . This aids in the reduction of the nitrate within your aquarium .

Seachem De Nitrate is best used in a low flow area of your aquarium , either within the filter box of an external filter ,a seperate media reactor or an internal filter that has a flow of under 200 litres per hour

500ml of Seachem De Nitrates 100-200L of water
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