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Tillandsia Juncea

Tillandsia Juncea

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The Tillandsia Juncea is a relatively long and narrow species within the Tillandsia family. With its thin green leaves and a height of 25-40 centimeters, the Tillandsia Juncea is very suitable for tall vases and decoration. This plant can efflorescence well below average care, and so it can grow a nice and powerful purplish flower from the center. Generally, the Juncea grows and flourishes relatively slow when compared to other Tillandsia species. Sometimes it takes almost a year before the non blossomed flower entirely ceased blossoming.

The Tillandsia Juncea is native to Central America, Mexico, and parts of South America.

Average Sizes:
Medium – 25 x 8 cm
Large – 40 x 15 cm

Please Note: These are live plants and can alter from the average sizes above.

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