Whilst we can't tell you the exact size each individual plant will be due to the nature of each plant being different, we do offer this rough guide to our plant sizes and we're happy to answer any questions at :

Natural differences in how plants grow

There is a certain amount of natural variation between individual plants, this is normal and so each plant is its own size, shape and colour. We try to provide the best quality plants that we possibly can, however no two plants are identical.

As an example, here are two Lobelia Cardinalis plants at either ends of the size spectrum. They are both healthy plants that will do well and grow but they are naturally differing in appearance.

Portion sizes of our fine plants

Small - Ideal for nano tanks or for testing plants to see if they are suitable for your aquarium.

Medium - Great for the plant collector who wants to collect a range of plants.

Large - Perfect for aquarists that want full luscious tanks

Portion sizes of our larger plants

Small Pot - Fantastic for any tank, ready to plant. Usually bigger than our fine plants.

Large Pot - Typically more mature plants, though they do vary in size, some of these plants have stems and leaves that would fill space in a tank with ease.

Pack Sizes

Due to the nature of the packs, we cant guarantee which specific plants will be included, though we do try and include a range of plants in each pack.
Size of pack is indicative of the total value of the pack and not the height of the plants within. 

If you would like to know more please get in touch!