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Butchers Recipes in Jelly 6 Pack

Butchers Recipes in Jelly 6 Pack

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Butchers Recipes in Jelly 400g  6 Pack

2 x with Lamb & Kidney | 2 x with Chicken & Liver | 2 x with Beef & Liver

Due to the absence of grains or bulkers, our Recipes in Jelly are grain-free, making them naturally gluten-free. Some of the recipes in this pack use liver, which is nature's multivitamin and has a delicious flavour that dogs adore. Iron and B vitamins are abundant in it, which helps give dogs a bounce in their stride. Additionally, healthy oils high in Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids improve anti-inflammatory characteristics supporting canine immune systems, heart, brain, skin, and coat health.

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