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Likit Refill Granola 625g

Likit Refill Granola 625g

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Likit Refill Granola is a long-lasting lick, jam-packed with tasty grains including; maize, wheat, barley and oats. Use in your Likit Holder or Boredom Breaker to help relieve equine boredom and stress or simply as a fun treat for your horse or pony to enjoy. The packaging for Likit Granola makes it super easy to release the lick and is fully recyclable so it doesn’t cost the earth. The rock hard formulation of Likit Granola means it will last much longer than regular Likits.  Initial trials have shown them lasting for up to 10 days, but every horse is different. 

Glucose Syrup, Mixed Grains (Kibbled Maize, Whole Wheat, Bruised Barley, Rolled Oats), Sucrose, Cane Molasses, Salt.

Guranteed Analysis:
Fibre 1.5%, Sugar as sucrose 17.6%, Moisture 13.5%, Starch 14.3%

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