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Snuffle and Swim

Natural Treat Super Box

Natural Treat Super Box

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A Favourite amongst our online and store customers this box contains a great array of our natural treats which are one of the best things for your dog.

These treats are not only incredibly good for pets in taste and health but they also keep them mentally stimulated for longer periods of time than conventional treats.

This brilliant Natural Treat Box Usually contains but can contain other items depending on Availabilty

Crunchy Chicken Feet
Chewy Tripe Sticks
Pawesome Paddywhack
Succulent Venison Sausages
Super Chicken Sausages
Twisty Pizzle Twizzles
Fantastic Chicken Necks
Swizzly Lamb Spaggetti
Ostrich Crispies
Goat Ears

These packs are suitable for all sizes of healthy dog.

NOTE: All Christmas and Birthday Bundles will come prewrapped in christmas or birthday paper.

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